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Calcium Tablets and Capsules

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Calcium is a vital mineral that contributes significantly to maintaining healthy bones and teeth. In terms of calcium content, dosage, and additional ingredients, the many available calcium supplements all have their own unique characteristics. To guarantee that you're getting the best quality supplement, consider all the above mentioned factors and prioritise the calcium tablets that have been tested by an independent lab.

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Calcium Tablets: For Your Optimal Bone Health

When you have ambitious fitness goals, it is natural that you must be training hard in order to reach them as soon as you can. This means your body is undergoing tremendous strain. While you work on helping your muscles get the right nutrients to help them recover faster, bone strength is often neglected.

Your bones need several micronutrients such as Calcium and Vitamin D3. When your bones are healthy, you are able to perform better without the fear of injuries. The better your joint mobility, the better you are able to complete each exercise in your training routine. Along with calcium, your bones need other micronutrients that help in the absorption and assimilation of calcium for better bone health.

Benefits of Calcium Tablets

Calcium is one of the most important micronutrients for the body. Not only does it keep you healthy, it also prevents any chances of health issues in the future when you consume the daily required amount through your diet.

Besides being important for your bone health, there are several other health benefits of using calcium supplements regularly as mentioned below:

  • It is essential for bone health: The bones in our body are restructured and remodeled all through our lives. This depends on the amount of stress that they undergo. Taking calcium tablets allows this restructuring and bone growth to occur. The growth of your bones peaks when you are in your 30s and it is necessary for you to provide the necessary nutrients to allow these changes to occur. To facilitate this development, you need more than calcium. Choosing supplements like Calcium with Mag and Vitamin D3 will effectively reduce the chances of bone loss.
  • Helps maintain blood pressure: Calcium is an extremely important nutrient in order to maintain healthy blood pressure. One of the benefits of consuming calcium is it helps the veins, arteries and capillaries relax or tighten as blood flows through them. This improves blood flow and the regulation of the amount of blood that flows through the veins is one of the most vital functions. This ensures that the force with which the blood flows is not too high. As a result, the strain on the artery walls is considerably reduced and prevents chances of issues like high blood pressure or even heart attacks.
  • It prevents some types of cancers: Calcium along with multivitamin tablet and magnesium supplements is effective in preventing certain types of cancers. These nutrients are known to be most effective against colon cancer. There are several studies to support the fact that a nutritious diet along with necessary calcium intake can effective reduce the risk of colorectal cancer in both men and women. About 700-800mg of calcium each day can decrease the chances of this type of cancer by almost 50-80%.
  • Prevents chances of kidney diseases including kidney stones: For a long time, it was considered that a diet high in calcium can lead to kidney stones. This is because the most common type of kidney stones are calcium oxalate stones. However, recent studies have revealed that the risk of kidney stones can be reduced with proper calcium intake. Along with potassium supplements and a balanced diet, the absorption of calcium is improved preventing this issue. In addition to that, kidney problems like chronic kidney disease along with related complications like parathyroid gland disorder will be reduced.
  • Improves the chances of weight loss: Calcium consumption affects the formation of fat cells in the body. The amount of calcium in these cells also determines how fast the fat stored in them will be broken down. The higher the consumption of calcium, the lesser the formation of fat cells. Calcium is not stored within these cells if you have the right intake. This allows the fat to be broken down within these cells faster. Calcium is also known to bind itself with the fat that is consumed, preventing its consumption and allowing the body to excrete it effectively.
  • Reduces PMS Symptoms: Calcium is a very important nutrient for women especially. It prevents degenerative bone diseases such as osteoporosis. In addition to this, calcium is also effective in reducing PMS symptoms. Studied have revealed that women who have very strong PMS symptoms tend to have lower levels of calcium and vitamin D3 in their body. This is related to the fact that estrogen regulates calcium absorption and metabolism. Therefore calcium intake not only influences your PMS symptoms but may also have an effect on the menstrual cycle.
  • Improves dental health: Calcium intake in the early years will affect dental health throughout one’s life. Continuing calcium tablets on a regular basis is responsible for providing you with better overall dental health. It reduces the chances of gum diseases and even inflammation. For best results, it is recommended that you calcium along with magnesium, Vitamin C, omega 3 and zinc supplements.
  • Other benefits: Calcium is responsible for several other metabolic functions in the body. It helps in improving the transmission of nerve signals, keeps the cell membranes stronger, ensures that your blood clots effectively in case of an injury and also plays a vital role in cell metabolism.

Who Should Take Calcium Supplements?

The amount of calcium supplement that you need to consume depends upon your gender as well as your levels of physical activity. Calcium supplements are recommended for the following individuals:

  1. Those who have a rigorous training routine or lead an active lifestyle.
  2. Individuals who consume a vegan diet.
  3. Those who are unable to consume dairy products because of issues like lactose intolerance.
  4. Those who have a high protein intake as this causes the body to excrete more calcium.
  5. Individuals with arthritis.
  6. Those who have been consuming corticosteroids as part of medical treatment.
  7. Individuals with digestive diseases like celiac diseases that reduces the ability of the body to absorb calcium.

Top Selling Brands of Calcium Tablets

There are several brands of calcium supplements that are available. Some of the top and most recommended brands are:


  • Each capsule of HealthKart calcium tablets consists of 1000mg of Calcium Citrate.
  • With every capsule, you get 50mg of Calcium quadrangularis This is a 100% natural herbal extract that stimulates the cells in the bones that stimulate the development of your bones.
  • In addition to calcium, you also have the advantage of other minerals such as zinc and magnesium in these capsules.
  • It comes with the goodness of both calcium and Vitamin D3 which ensures that calcium is effectively absorbed for positive results.


  • The special formula of Herbalife calcium tablets helps you build stronger muscles and also protects your organs in addition to improving bone health.
  • The perfect composition of calcium in these capsules improve your bone density considerably. This also helps in the formation of bones and their development.
  • These capsules are fortified with Vitamin D3. The consumption of Vitamin D3 is vital to help improve the absorption of calcium. In addition to calcium, even the absorption of phosphorous in improved to give you stronger bones.
  • These capsules also contain magnesium which helps regulate the amount of calcium in the bones.


  • Healthvit provides different calcium supplement options. This includes Healthvit Calvitan-600, Healthvit Calvitan D3 and Healthvit Calvitan-GC.
  • Healthvit Calvitan D3 contains both calcium and Vitamin D3 which is the perfect combination to ensure that the calcium that you consume is effectively absorbed by the bones.
  • With Healthvit Calvitan-600, you have the advantage of a calcium carbonate supplement. This is an effective calcium supplement which also acts as an antacid. It prevents digestive issues such as heartburn and sour stomach.
  • Healthvit Calvitan GC offers the goodness of glucosamine, chondroitin, zinc and magnesium along with calcium. This helps in improving the function of the cartilages and also helps in the maintenance of the bones.
  • With Healthvit, you also have a children’s calcium supplement, namely Healthvit Calvitan Kid, which is suitable for children of all age groups. It helps in the development of stronger bones, capillaries and teeth.


  • Myprotein Calcium and Vitamin D3 capsules are specially designed to ensure that consuming just two of these capsules each day will help you get 100% of your daily required intake of calcium.
  • With the right amount of Vitamin D3 in these capsules, you also have advantage of an improved immune system which benefits performance.
  • The combination of Vitamin D and Calcium is extremely beneficial for muscle function which improves your training overall.


  • The special formula of HealthViva calcium tablets provides you with 500mg of highly absorbable calcium which improves bone density. The calcium in this supplement is available in the form of calcium citrate.
  • In addition to calcium, you also have Vitamin D3 in these capsules. Vitamin D3 helps in improving the consumption of calcium not only from these tablets but from your regular diet as well.
  • You have the advantage of added minerals such as zinc and magnesium which affect the amount of calcium found in the bones.
  • This product is known to effectively improve bone structure as well as joint mobility.

#6.Fast & UP

  • Fast and Up Fortify is a unique effervescent calcium supplement that contains calcium carbonate. This provides you with the highest possible concentration of elemental calcium.
  • This supplement is the perfect blend of all nutrients vital for better bone health such as calcium, vitamin D3, Magnesium, Vitamin K1, Vitamin C and Vitamin B6.
  • Vitamin D ensures that the calcium consumed in the diet is absorbed effectively.
  • Nutrients like magnesium work along with calcium to prevent issues like cramps that may interfere in your training.
  • In addition to the benefits mentioned above, Vitamin C helps in the formation of collagen while the right amount of vitamin B6 can prevent bone loss.


  • Modicare Well Calcium Complex is a specially formulated calcium supplement which contains calcium citrate maleate. This is one of the most effective and most highly bioavailable forms of calcium essential for the maintenance of bone structure and density.
  • Magnesium present in this supplement manages several biochemical processes.
  • This supplement is fortified with several vitamins such as Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2-7. These vitamins improve the transportation of calcium to various parts of the body. They also help in other metabolic functions and improve your immunity.

#8.Pure Nutrition

  • Pure Nutrition Ultra Calcium Citrate contains 1250mg of calcium citrate in each capsule. This form of calcium is easily absorbed by the body and allows you to enjoy better bone density.
  • In addition to calcium, you also have the advantage of 50mg of magnesium oxide, 50mg of essential vitamins and 50mg of Moringa.
  • This is the ideal supplement for vegetarians that is made from natural plant sources.
  • In addition to preventing any chances of fractures or injuries, this supplement also aids recovery in case of an existing issues.
  • The perfect formula helps in collagen synthesis, maintains the necessary calcium levels in the body and also aids in mineralization.

Where to Buy Calcium Capsules

No matter what brand of calcium supplements you are looking for, you can be sure to find them all only on HealthKart. This is India’s premium portal for healthcare and nutrition supplements which offers the best prices on all brands. You have the advantage of exclusive discounts and great combo offers that allow you to get your favorite brand at the lowest prices possible.

In addition to this, this is also the most convenient option for those who want to compare several products before purchasing a supplement to suit their needs. You have a detailed description of every product that helps you make an informed decision.

The products are delivered to your doorstep within seven days of placing the order. If you are unsatisfied with any product, the easy 14 day return policy allows you to get a full refund or exchange the product for another one of your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions About Calcium Tablets

Q1. What is the most calcium-rich food?

Ans: Milk, cheese, and yogurt are some of the best dietary sources of calcium. Other foods that are rich in calcium include almonds, fortified foods like tofu and orange juice, and leafy greens like kale and spinach.

Q2. Can calcium help maintain healthy bones?

Ans: If you want strong, healthy bones, calcium is a must. It's essential for bone health and formation, as well as being the body's most common mineral. Osteoporosis and other bone-related conditions can be avoided with a diet high in calcium and regular physical activity.

Q3. Can anyone take calcium supplements?

Ans: Any person who wishes to increase their calcium intake may take calcium supplements. This includes older adults, postmenopausal women, and people with low calcium intake. Lactose intolerance and Crohn's disease make it hard to get enough calcium from food so they need calcium supplementation too. Pregnant and breastfeeding women need extra calcium for themselves and their babies. Remember, before taking any new supplement, consult a doctor to make sure it's right for you and to discuss dosage and formulation.

Q4. What safety measures to take before beginning a course of calcium supplements?

Ans: Before taking calcium supplements, make sure to consult a doctor or healthcare provider before taking calcium supplements to determine if they're right for you and the right dose and formulation. Kidney stones, bowel problems, and other digestive issues can result from too much calcium. Calcium supplements are best absorbed with food, particularly fat-containing meals. Some blood pressure medications and antibiotics can interfere with calcium, so take them separately. It's important to be aware to not exceed the recommended daily intake.

Q5. How can calcium supplements benefit men?

Ans: Both men and women need calcium for optimal health. Here are some of the ways in which calcium helps men: Calcium is required to build strong bones and prevent osteoporosis, which weakens bones and makes them more likely to break. Calcium controls muscle contraction, including heart muscle contraction. Calcium lowers the risk of developing heart disease and cardiovascular disease by regulating blood pressure. Calcium activates enzymes involved in different metabolic processes.

Q6. What is the best calcium supplement for kids?

Ans: The best calcium supplement for kids varies from age, body requirements and more. However, chewable tablets or gummies are a great option for kids who have trouble swallowing pills. They are convenient too as you can take them orally or simply add them to water or food. You can also give your kids calcium fortified juice, milk and other food products. The best way to ensure that your child is getting the right amount and form of calcium is to consult with a doctor or healthcare provider.

Q7. Which calcium supplements are best for women?

Ans: It is impossible to recommend the “best" calcium tablets for all women, as this would not be fair. However, before settling on a specific calcium supplement, you should consider the following: Women need 1,000–1,300 mg of calcium per day, based on their age and other factors. Select a supplement with the right daily dose and easy dosing. Calcium supplements come in capsules, tablets, chews, and liquids. Select a form that meets your requirements. Before including calcium supplements in your diet, consult a doctor to figure out the right dose and formulation for your needs.


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