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Tools For Rock Drilling And Blasting In Construction

Tools For Rock Drilling And Blasting In Construction

Construction Drill and Blast

Top hammer rock drilling tools for Construction Drill and Blast

With the attention and investment of the infrastructure industry at home and abroad, in many construction industries with high construction difficulty and high risk, the mechanized drilling and blasting construction of rock drilling rigs have gradually replaced the pneumatic drilling and blasting construction with more personnel, high labor intensity, large safety risk, and low efficiency.

The evolution of rock drilling and blasting methods, driven by the development of advanced drilling accessories for construction and tools for drilling holes in rocks, has significantly improved the efficiency and safety of construction projects. These advancements have made it possible to undertake complex construction projects that were previously considered too risky or difficult.

Why Choose Litian's Blast And Drill Rock Tools For Construction

Litian provides a range of top hammer drilling tools (threaded drill bits, drill rods, shank rods, couplings, blast hole bits) for the construction drilling and blasting industry. Our rock drilling tools have been widely used in mining, quarries, tunnels, railways, roads, foundations, pipelines, and various civil engineering projects.

Our rock drilling tools are made of the toughest alloy structural steel and cemented carbide to provide maximum drilling performance. Our drill bits, drill rods, shank adapters, and coupling sleeves are well matched, which can minimize the loss in the energy transmission process, while ensuring the verticality of the drilling hole, so that the impact energy can be concentrated on the rock, to achieve accurate drilling purposes, reduce the cost of drilling per meter.   

Whether in terms of hole drilling quality, service life of rock drilling tools, or reducing total drilling & blasting costs, we are an ideal choice for you!


Litian Blast Hole Drilling Tools Rock For Construction

Top Hammer Drilling Tool: 

Button Bit, Drill Rod, Shank Adapter, Coupling Sleeve

Thread: R22, R25, R28, R32, R35, R38, T38, T45, T51, GT60, ST58, ST68, SR28, SR35, TR35, EL60, EL68, etc.

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