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shank adapter cop1840
t51 shank adapter cop1840
shank adapter cop1840
t51 shank adapter cop1840

COP1840 T45 T51 565mm Top Hammer Shank Adaptor

Product Details:

Product Name:  COP1840 Shank Adaptor

Place of Origin:  China

Brand Name:     LITIAN

Certification:     ISO9001:2015

Model No.:       T45*8D52-565, T51*8D52-565

Category:          Shank Adapter

Product Description

Top hammer shank adaptor is mainly used in mining operations. It is connected with the connecting coupling, drill rod and drill bit to form a set of drilling string, and installed on the rock drill for rock drilling operations. Litian shank adaptors use high-quality alloy steel as raw material, adopt advanced processing equipment and processing technology, and undergo overall carburizing treatment to ensure the overall quality of the top hammer shank adaptors and can withstand the high impact force of drilling. We provide top hammer shank adaptors with various thread forms, such as T51 shank adaptor, t45 shank adaptor, T38 shank adapter for drill, etc.


Top Hammer Shank Adaptor for COP1840

T45, T51 shank adaptors for COP1840 rock drill are very commonly used, and they are also our very popular shank adaptors. They have the characteristics of flat, smooth section, perpendicular to the axis, closely matching with the drill bush of the rock drill, and long service life, and can be widely used in bench drilling.

Top Hammer Shank Adaptor for COP1840

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