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Dalian Metro Line 5


Project Name: Dalian Metro Line 5 - Section line 08

Cooperation unit: China Railway Tunnel Group No. 1 Co., Ltd.

Project Introduction:

The full length of Dalian Metro Line 5 is 24.484km, of which the total length of section 08 is 4368.5 meters. The shield tunnel length between Houguancun Station and Houyan Station is 3340 meters, which is the first-class risk source control project of the whole line, with the top of four items: The longest - it has the longest shield tunnel. The most difficult - it passes through a large number of structures such as Harbin-Dalian high-speed railway, Dan-Dalian passenger dedicated line, and Shenyang-Dalian railway, with high stratum rock strength and strong karst development, and it is the most difficult tunnel under construction in Dalian subway at present. The highest risk - the interval tunnel can be called Dalian "underground museum", which contains almost all the geological features of Dalian and is the riskiest shield tunnel on the whole line. The maximum slope - it is the maximum slope of the shield passing through the confined water layer of the subway under construction in Dalian, and the maximum longitudinal slope of the shield machine is -28‰.

The project invested in the construction of two shield tunnel boring machines with a diameter of 6.47 meters and a weight of 500 tons, and using Litian TBM cutters. The geological conditions are complex, the construction technology is high, the operation is difficult, and the safety risk factor is high. By adopting reasonable excavation parameters and practical TBM cutting tools management scheme, an average excavation speed of 8 meters per day has been achieved. It has created an excellent performance of maintaining the monthly progress of more than 200 rings in high-strength and medium-weathered rock formations.

Application effect:  Litian TBM disc cutter has stable performance and strong wear resistance during the entire use process. There are no phenomena such as eccentric grinding and knife ring breakage, which greatly improves the work efficiency of the project.

Cooperation Mode: Supply 18" single disc cutters, 18" twin disc center cutters, disc cutter accessories, scraper.

Supply time: October 2018 - October 2021

Completion Time: October 29, 2021


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