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Early Breakthrough! TBM Section of San Gaban Hydropower Station Diversion Tunnel in Peru Achieves Full Penetration

November 21st, Peruvian time, as the TBM Cutters broke through the rock, the first power project invested by Chinese enterprises, the San Gaban Hydropower Station diversion tunnel TBM section, has successfully achieved full penetration. The 9,175-meter excavation task was completed 2 months ahead of the contracted schedule after 16 months of relentless efforts. This milestone signifies the comprehensive breakthrough of the control section of the diversion tunnel, marking a significant phase of accomplishment.


SAN Gaban III Hydropower Station is located in a tropical rainforest area with complex terrain. The tunnel, spanning a total length of 9.17 kilometers with a diameter of 5.8 meters, traverses faulted and fragmented zones, sudden water surges, and weak interlayer sections. The tunnel exhibits underground fissures, with a daily water inflow of approximately 47,500 cubic meters and a peak inflow reaching 71,700 cubic meters. The project site not only has complex terrain, but also suffers from frequent natural disasters during the rainy season, making the excavation work even more arduous. After the project is completed, it will solve the power shortage problem in southern Peru.



Litian contracted the TBM cutting tools for this section based on the excavation volume. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the excavation work, Litian strictly controls every link from preliminary design, production to inspection and delivery. In addition, in order to better meet project needs, we have set up a maintenance workshop at the project site and arranged on-site service personnel. In this way, whether it is tool replacement, maintenance or assembly work, it can be carried out quickly and efficiently. During the excavation process, the Litian 17-inch twin disc cutters and 19-inch single disc cutters demonstrated outstanding performance, providing robust support for the project with an average monthly excavation of 573 meters, a maximum daily penetration of 50 meters, and a peak monthly penetration of 1007.9 meters.


Committed to delivering exceptional products and high-quality services, Litian boasts extensive experience in TBM cutter contracts for large-scale projects both domestically and internationally. We stand ready to provide clients with professional technical support and engineering services.