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LitIan Rock Tool Quality Control

Quality Control

Quality First

Excellent product quality is the foundation for Litian Heavy Industry to always maintain our leading position in the rock tools industry. We always adhere to the tenet of quality first and reputation first, and have been committed to providing customers with perfect quality services. For this, we have formulated strict quality management standards, continuously strengthened the process control of quality management and the execution of quality management, and passed the ISO9001 certification and the German TÜV Rheinland certification.

LitIan Rock Tool Quality Control

Quality Standard

In order to implement product quality management, Litian has established an office, which has formulated corresponding standards from product design to product production and delivery. We have successively issued Material entry inspection standards, steel standards for rock tools, mechanical properties test standards, forging inspection standards, standards for heat treatment carburizing parts, TBM cutter assembly and maintenance standards, etc.

Quality Standard

Physicochemical Testing Center

Litian has a physicochemical testing center composed of experienced professionals, including 5 engineers who have been engaged in testing for more than 30 years and 3 engineers for more than 10 years. We have professional testing equipment for product research and development, design, production process monitoring, product failure analysis, etc., which can fully meet the testing needs of products.

Testing equipment  

Machine Name


Metallurgical Microscope


Hardness Tester


Metallographic Sample Polishing Machine


Infrared Carbon and Sulfur Analyzer


High-Frequency Induction Combustion Furnace


Quality Inspection Team

In addition to the testing center, we also have a strict on-site quality inspection team. Our quality inspectors strictly control every link of production, processing, and storage to ensure that our products meet domestic and international standards.

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Tbm Roller Cutter
Button Bits Rock Drilling

Intelligent Monitoring System

In order to ensure high production efficiency and quality monitoring, our factory is equipped with an intelligent monitoring system that can cover the entire plant area. The system can achieve real-time production monitoring, monitoring the operation of equipment, monitoring the production of products, and can effectively understand the whole production process. Allow managers to more effectively control all aspects of production, thereby controlling product quality from the source.

Intelligent Monitoring System

For litian Customers

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