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Raise Boring Cutters

Raise Boring Cutters

Raise boring cutter (RBM cutter) is a tungsten carbide insert roller cutter mounted on the reaming head of raise boring machine (RBR, raise borer), which is an excavation tool for breaking rocks. As the most important raiseboring drilling tools, the raise boring cutters are mainly used in the construction of vertical shafts, inclined shafts, surge shafts, ventilation shafts, and escape shafts, and can be widely applied in underground engineering construction fields such as mine, hydropower, transportation and so on.

Litian focuses on developing and manufacturing raise boring roller cutters suitable for all kinds of raise boring rigs and rock formations and can provide users with comprehensive technical support and consultation, as well as various forms of services and solutions.

Different Types Of Litian Raise Boring Roller Cutters

Litian raise boring cutters are designed and manufactured for all sizes of reaming heads. These rock roller bit cutters are used for different types of drilling from horizontal drilling, blind drilling to vertical drilling, etc. Different types of raise boring drilling tools have different advantages. Our kerf roller cutters are designed to achieve the best performance in all rock formations by varying spacing between rows of tungsten carbide inserts. Our random cutters, also known as RCD cutters, can be randomly arranged with optimal inserts to achieve better penetration and higher toughness, based on specific rock formation information. Litian raise boring cutters are designed and manufactured using the latest technology to provide optimum performance. Click below to get more!

Raise Boring Cutters Overview

Raise Boring Cutters

Other Names

Raise boring roller cutter, Raise borer cutter, Rock roller cutter, Rock roller bits, Raisebore roller cutter, Tungsten carbide insert bits, TCI roller cutter, RBM cutter, RCD cutter, Rolling cutter bits, Microtunneling roller cutters, Insert roller cutters


Mold Steel + Tungsten carbide inserts

Cutter Type

Kerf cutters, Rowed cutters, Random cutters (RCD cutter)


7" ~ 17"  (178mm ~ 432mm)

Button Shape

Chisel inserts, Conical inserts, Spherical inserts, Ballistic inserts


3-ROW, 4-ROW, 5-ROW, 6-ROW, 8-ROW


Tapered roller bearing, Ball roller bearing, Thrust roller bearing

Adaptive rocks

Sandstone, limestone, granite, basalt


30Mpa ~ 200Mpa

Applicable rock hardness

F6 ~ F18


Raise boring, Blind boring, Horizontal boring, Down boring; Shaft boring; Reverse circulating drilling.

Ore passes, ventilation raises, connection shafts for mining, penstocks for pump storage power plants, headrace shafts, drill tunnels for cables, escape routes, sewage, etc .

Applicable Equipment

Raise Boring Rig, Boxhole Boring Machine, Boxhole Backreaming Machine, Reef Boring Machine, Shaft Boring Machine, Reverse Circulation Rig, etc.

Applicable Brand

Sandvik, Epiroc, Herrenknecht, Robbins, Palmieri, etc.



Raise Boring Cutter HeadRaise Boring Cutter Head

High-quality Raise boring Roller Cutter Parts


The insert buttons of raise boring cutters adopt high-quality tungsten carbide with good wear resistance and long service life, and the commonly tungsten carbide insert design includes chisel inserts, conical inserts, spherical inserts, which can be used with raise boring cutters to improve drilling efficiency under different geological conditions.


The raise boring cutter hub uses high-quality raw materials and reasonable design, and it can meet long-distance use under different geological conditions.


The metal seal of our raise boring roller cutters has excellent high-temperature resistance, reliable sealing performance, and can meet long-distance use in harsh working environments.


The raise boring cutter bearing has good wear resistance and deformation resistance, and good overall performance.  Our optional bearings include tapered roller bearings, ball bearings, and thrust roller bearings.

Raise Boring Cutter Structure Chart

Litian Raiseboring Drilling Tools Features

Litian raise boring roller cutters have been practically applied under a variety of different rock conditions, and the rock roller cutter body structures and the button spacing are optimized according to the different rock performance characteristics. Our raise boring cutter drilling tools can be applied to the excavation of different hardness strata (30Mpa~300Mpa), such as sandstone, limestone, granite, basalt, etc., and can meet different engineering needs. 

We use scientific calculation and analysis methods to accurately calculate the maximum cutting efficiency and movement direction of each cutter row so that each alloy button can produce the maximum breaking area and volume when it contacts the hole wall. Litian raises boring cutters have strong wear resistance, stable performance, durability, and can cooperate with raise boring rigs for efficient rock-breaking operations, thereby helping users shorten construction time, improve drilling efficiency, and reduce engineering costs.

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Litian Raise Boring Cutters FAQs

Litian Raise Boring Cutters FAQs

What is the working principle of raise boring cutters ?

The working principle of the raise drilling cutters is that the raise drilling rig applies drilling pressure and torque to all the roller cutters on the cutter head to make the cutters penetrate the rock. Every raise boring cutter rotates around its own axis and rotates around the central axis of the cutter head, so as to continuously squeeze and roll the rock mass surface, break the rock mass and form a drilling borehole.

What kind of machines can raise boring cutters be used to?

Litian raise boring cutters can be used on Raise Boring Rig (RBR), Boxhole Boring Machine (BBM), Boxhole Backreaming Machine (BBR), Reef Boring Machine (RBM), Shaft Boring Machine, Reverse Circulation Rig..., with a cutter head diameter ranging from 0.3m-8m.

Raise Boring Roller Cutter Video

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