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Button Bit

Threaded Button Bit (top hammer drill bit, tungsten carbide button bit) is a kind of rock drilling tool used on rock drills, used in conjunction with drill rods, shank adapters and coupling sleeves for drilling operations. The often mentioned Retract Drill Bit, retract button bit, Reaming Bit R32, R32 Button Bit, t38 drill bit, T45 Button Bit, T51 Button Bit, Flat Face Drill Bit, Drop Center Drill Bit, Spherical Button Drill Bit, Spherical Drill Bit are all one of the threaded button bits.

Compared with other common top hammer drill bits, Litian drill button bits mainly use the most advanced thermal insert technology, which has a longer service life, higher drilling efficiency, higher reliability and lower overall cost. 

Drill Rod

Drill rod is a major component in rock drilling, and their main function is to transmit the energy of the power source to the drill bit through the threads on both sides of the body, so as to achieve efficient rock drilling. Whether it is the extension rod, MF rod, drifter rod, guide tube or drill tube produced by Litian, they all have excellent performance in terms of wear resistance, flexibility, penetration efficiency, service life, etc., which can improve the overall rock drilling efficiency and reduce the overall production cost.

Shank Adapter

Shank adapter is an important part of the hydraulic rock drilling rig. Its function is to directly bear the impact energy and torque from the rock drill, and then transfer the energy of the rock drill to the drill rod and the drill bit for rock drilling operations. Litian pays attention to every production detail of the shank adapter and insists that technicians visit the rock drilling construction site all the year round, so that the production, technology, and on-site testing are linked to run, so as to continuously improve the operation efficiency of the shank adapter. Litian shank adapter has been highly favoured by many customers who attach importance to product quality.

TBM Disc Cutter & Raise Boring Cutter

Litian manufactures and supplies various types and sizes of disc cutters and TCI roller cutters. Disc cutter is mainly used for TBM, MTBM, and pipe jacking machines, and is widely used in subway tunnels, railway tunnels, diversion tunnels and urban underground pipe network construction workers. Raise boring roller cutter is suitable for various types of raise borer and is widely used in shaft construction of underground projects such as mining, hydropower, and transportation. Litian focuses on every detail from design, material, technology, and heat treatment to assembly to ensure that each cutting tool has a good rock breaking effect.

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