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Shank Adapter

Shank Adapter

Top hammer shank adaptors, the role of which in rock drilling is to directly bear the impact energy and torque of the rock drill, and is used to transfer the energy from drill rig to drill rod. One end of the shank adaptor is connected to drill rig, and another end is connected to drill rod, so that the energy of drill rig can be transmitted to drill bit, and finally achieve the purpose of drilling.

The specification and hardness of top hammer shank adaptor have a great influence on the rock drilling speed and the life of the rock drill. The hardness of the top hammer shank adaptors for drill should be appropriate, the service life is short if the rock drill shank is too soft, the piston is vulnerable to damage if the drill shank adapter is too hard. Litian shank adaptor factory has accurate specifications, smooth surface, suitable hardness, the cross-section is perpendicular to the axis, and closely coincides with rock drill sleeve. 

Different Types Of Litian Drill Shank Adapter

Litian offers male and female threaded shank adapter, also called striking bar or shank rod, such as T38 shank adapter, T45 shank adapter, T51 shank adaptor, etc. Our China shank adapters are suitable for various brands of rock drills, such as Atlas Copco, Sandvik, Furukawa, Montabert, Ingersoll-Rand, Tamrock, etc., and the rock drill shank adapter (drill shank adaptor) also can be designed according to customer needs.

Top Hammer Shank Adapter for Drill Product Specification

Each Shank Adapter for drill is carefully inspected and packaged to ensure that it reaches you safely and undamaged.


Top Hammer Rock Drilling Tool - Shank Adapter

Other Names

Top hammer shank adaptor, Drill shank adapter, Striking bar, Hydraulic shanks, Shank bar, strike bar


Structural Alloy Steel


Tunnelling , Mining , Quarrying, Blasting and Infrastructure Construction

Facedrilling and Bolting, Bench Drilling, Production drilling, Long hole drilling, Drifting

Applicable rock drill

Atlas Copco (Epiroc), Sand vik (Tamrock), Furukawa, Ingersoll-Rand, Montabert, Boart LongYear, etc.

Shank Type

Male threaded shank adapter, Female threaded shank adapter

Thread Type

R25, R28, R32, R35, R38, T38, T45, T51, GT60, ST58, ST68, EL60, EL68, etc.





Custom Design


Shank Adapter for Drill Product Advantages

High-quality steel

Litian shank adapters use high-quality alloy structural steel as the raw material, undergoes overall carburizing treatment, and adopt special CNC machine tool processing equipment and processing flow to ensure the processing quality of splines, water holes and other details, which can meet the requirements of drilling harder rock layers and have a longer service life.

Advanced manufacturing technology

Litian shank adapters adopt advanced thread manufacturing technology and advanced surface treatment technology, and are manufactured according to precise tolerances. They have the characteristics of tight connection, good energy transmission effect, strong wear resistance, and easy disassembly. Our shank adapters are uniformly heat-treated and scientifically straightened with precision instruments to ensure straightness and anti-irritability.

Strict quality control

All the top hammer shank adapters produced by Litian shank adapter factory are strictly controlled to ensure that they have satisfactory high quality.

Top Hammer Shank Adaptor Packing

Each Shank Adapter for drill is carefully inspected and packaged to ensure that it reaches you safely and undamaged.

Shank Adapter for Drill.jpg

Shank Adapter For Rock Drills (Drifters)

We manufacture high-quality shank adapters for most brands of rock drills (Drifters).

Rock drill brand

Rock Drills (Drifters) Models

Atlas Copco


COP1028, COP1028HB, COP1032HL, COP1036, COP1038, COP1132, COP1238, COP1238DSA/SDA, COP1240, COP131EB, COP1432, COP1440, COP1532, COP1550, COP1550EX, COP1638, COP1640, COP1838, COP1838EX/MUX/HUX/AW, COP1840, COP2150, COP2160, COP2160EX, COP2238, COP2540, COP2540EX, COP2550, COP2550UX, COP2560, COP2560EX, COP3038, COP3060, COP4038, COP4050EX/MUX, COP4050ME, COP628, COPCS16, COPCS19, COPMD20, COPRR11, COPRR14, COPSC16, COPSC14, COPSC19, COPSC19X, COPSC25-HE, COPSC25-HF, BBC54, BBE57, BBC120, RD14S/18S/22S, RD14U/18U/22U, RD8

Yamamoto KOP1540YH-70A, Yamamoto KOP175



HL1000, HL1000-60, HL1000PE-65, HL1000S, HL1010, HL1010-60, HL1010 PE-65/S-52, HL1060T/PE-65, HL1500, HL1500-60, HL1500PE-65, HL1500SPE-90, HL1500T/PE-65, HL1500T-52, HL1500-T60, HL1560ST PE-90, HL1560T/PE-65, HL1560T-65, HL300S, HL500, HL500-45, HL500F, HL500S, HL500S-38, HL500SUPER, HL510-45, HL510B, HL510F, HL510LH, HL510S-38, HL510S-45, HL538, HL538L, HL550S, HL560S, HL560SUPER, HL600, HL600-45, HL600-52, HL600S, HL600S-45, HL645, HL650-45, HL650-52, HL700, HL700-45, HL700-52, HL710-45, HL71052, HL710PE52, HL710S, HL710SPE-52, HL800, HL800T-45, HL800T52, HL800T-52, HL850, HL850S, HFX5, HLR438L, HLR438LS, HLR438T, HLR438TS, HLX1, HLX3, HLX5, HLX5T, L400, L500, L550S, RD1635 CF, RD314, RD520, RD525 PE, RD926L, 438 LS/TS


Ingersoll-Rand 350, EVL130, Hydrastar 200, LM500, VL120, VL140, YD90M, YH65, YH65RP, YH70, YH75RP, YH80A, YH80RP, YH95, YH95RP, YH110V, YH135V, URD475, URD550


H50, H60, H70, HC20, HC25, HC40, HC50, HC80, HC80RP, HC80, HC80R, HC90, HC95, HC95RP, HC105, HC108R, HC109, HC109RP, HC110, HC120, HC120RP, HC150RP, HC155RP, HC158RP, HC160, HC170, HC200, HC200A, TA 35-LC 50,

Boart LongYear

HD65, HD125, HD150, HE65, HE125, HE150, HE155, SECO HD155


PD200, PD200R, HD90, HD190, HD210, HD300, HD500, HD609, HD609RP, HD612, HD612RP, HD615, HD709, HD712, HD712 RP/EX, HD715, HD715RP

Gardner Denver

Gardner Denver 93, HPR1H, HPR2, HPR5123, HPR5123 (REEDRILL), HPR-C(INCO) / HPRH-D, HPR-C, HPRH-D, PR123, IR VL120, VL140

Other Brands

Böhler HM751

Cannon CH-32, CH-38

Joy JH2, 400RR, VCR260

Krupp HB51, HB100, HB101

Permon HVKS 125-1

Secoma Hydrastar 200, 300, X2

SIG 100, 150

Everdigm ED100, Soonsan ED100, John Henry HB101/HB102, HRP51

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