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North Qinling Tunnel Project of Hanjiang to Weihe River Project

Rock Boring Tools Application

Project Name: North Qinling Tunnel Project of Hanjiang to Weihe River Project

Cooperation unit: China Railway 18th Bureau Group Co., Ltd.

Project introduction: The TBM construction section includes the main tunnel of 16,592 meters and the No. 5 branch tunnel of 4620 meters. The main tunnel uses a full-face hard rock tunnel boring machine for the construction of 16,177 meters, with an excavation diameter of 8.02 meters. This project is faced with world-class technical problems, such as large deformation of soft rock under high ground stress, long-distance geological structure belt, large buried depth, large flow of water inrush, 14 km long-distance single-head ventilation, the synchronous lining of tunnel boring machine under the condition of the inverted arch block with inner arc surface, etc. 

Major engineering difficulties: 

Sudden water inflows and rockfalls occur during tunneling, and the hardness of the rock is high, which puts forward high requirements on the wear resistance and toughness of the cutter ring.

Cooperation Mode: provide TBM disc cutters and components, rock drilling tools

Project highlights: At the beginning of the cooperation, a trial comparison was conducted with brands such as Herrenknecht. Through the test, whether the wear resistance or toughness of the cutter ring, Litian TBM cutter has shown amazing results, which has won the trust and choice of customers.

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