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Litian Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd

Litian TBM Cutters Facilitate Successful Completion of Serbia's Flood Diversion Tunnel Project

After more than a year of arduous construction, on July 10, 2023, the double-shield TBM successfully broke through the rock, marking the successful completion of the flood drainage diversion tunnel project of the Zijin Copper VK mine in Serbia.



The tunnel for this project has a total length of 8,319 meters and is located in Bor city, Serbia. It passes through existing railways, seven fractured zones, and mine area facilities, presenting significant challenges due to poor rock stability, mainly consisting of Classes III and IV rock. To tackle this difficulty, the project adopted the CRCHI double-shield TBM with a diameter of 5.49 meters, equipped with 19 inch single disc cutters and 17 inch twin disc cutter. Litian contracted the whole supply and maintenance service of TBM cutters (disc cutters, components, wedges, and all fasteners) .


To ensure the smooth progress of the excavation task, Litian set up an on-site workshop, established a parts warehouse, formulated a tool management plan, and deployed experienced service personnel to provide continuous support. Litian TBM cutters demonstrated outstanding performance during the construction process, facilitating the TBM to achieve impressive daily excavation rates of 57 meters and monthly excavation rates of 845 meters, with average monthly excavation rates of 590 meters.


The successful completion of this tunnel showcases the excellent performance and robust technical support provided by Litian cutters in large-scale tunnel projects. With the VK Mine flood diversion system project successfully accomplished, Serbia will have a more comprehensive and secure flood diversion system, laying a solid foundation for local sustainable development.