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Project In Progress | Raise Boring Drilling Tools In Yunnan Iron Mine

Yunnan Iron Mine shaft project has started construction in May 2022. The shaft is designed to have a depth of 178 meters and a reaming diameter of about 3 meters. The geological conditions of the mine are mostly granite, and the rock has high uniaxial compressive strength, which requires high wear resistance, penetration and toughness of the raise boring cutters. Litian has optimized the carbide inserts structure according to the geological conditions to ensure a more even distribution of impact and shear forces on the rolling contact.

Project: Yunnan Iron Mine Shaft Project

Product: 12 inch Raise Boring Cutter

Reaming diameter: 2.5 ~ 3 meters

Shaft depth: 178 meters

Rock hardness: Class II granite, f=14

Litian Raise Boring Drilling Tools

Since the construction, Litian raise boring drilling tools has shown the characteristics of strong rock breaking ability and fast drilling speed in drilling, which has improved the drilling efficiency and has been highly recognized by customers.

Granite In Raiseboring

Granite Class II