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River diversion project in VK mine, Serbia


Project: River diversion project in VK mine, Serbia


Cooperation Unit: China Railway Construction Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd (CRCHI)



The project tunnel is 8,319 meters long and is located in Bol, Serbia. It is a river diversion and flood drainage project for the VK mine of Zijin Bor Copper Co., Ltd. The tunnel passes through the existing railway, 7 rock mass fracture zones, mining workshops and other areas along the route. Its surrounding rocks are poor in stability, mainly composed of Type III and IV rocks, and the crossing rock formations are mainly breccia, sandstone, marl and other rock formations. The rock mass is moderately solid, and the rock strength is 20-100Mpa. The project adopts CRCHI double-shield TBM, with a cutter head of 5.49 meters.

Cutting Tools:

Center Cutter: 4pcs of 17 inch twin disc cutter

Face cutter: 17pcs of 19 inch single disc cutter

Gauge cutter: 9pcs of 19 inch single disc cutter

Bucket: 57 pieces.


Cooperation Mode: TBM Cutting tools contracting (disc cutters, components, wedges, fasteners, and maintenance service) . 


Application Effect: Litian TBM cutters demonstrated outstanding performance during the construction process, facilitating the TBM to achieve impressive daily excavation rates of 57 meters and monthly excavation rates of 845 meters, with average monthly excavation rates of 590 meters, which was highly praised by customers.


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