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Fuzhou Metro Line F1- Daxiangshan Tunnel

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Project: Fuzhou Metro Line F1- Daxiangshan Tunnel

Cooperation Unit: China Railway 11th Bureau Group Co., Ltd.

Introduction: Daxiangshan Tunnel, with a single line length of 5.98km, is a rare long-distance mountain tunnel for urban rail transit in China. The project traverses many geological fracture zones along the way, and the rock hardness is high, mostly 120-220 MPa superhard rock formation, which is six or seven times the hardness of ordinary concrete. It adopts a double-line layout, and two single-shield TBMs with a diameter of 8.6 meters are tunneling in the same direction.

Application Effect: With the cooperation of Litian TBM cutter, the single-shield tunnel boring machine set a new construction record of 23.4 meters in a single day, 10 rings in a single line, and 454 meters in a single month in Fuzhou rail transit. There is no abnormal damage phenomenon such as eccentric wear during the use of TBM disc cutters and soft ground cutters. 

Product Supply: Provide new TBM disc cutters and broken cutters repair. 19 inch single disc cutters, 17 inch center cutters, disc cutter components, soft ground cutters, on-site cutter shop services.

Supply Time: From March 2021 to present

Completion Time: 

No.1 Tunnel (4.53km): Jan. 13, 2022

No.2 Tunnel (4.53km): Mar. 24, 2022

No.3 Tunnel (1.45km): in construction

No.4 Tunnel (4.53km): in construction

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