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Hanjiang to Weihe River Project

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Project Name: Hanjiang to Weihe River Project

Cooperation Unit : China Railway 18th Bureau Group Co., Ltd.

Introduction: Hanjiang to Weihe river project, also known as the Shanxi South-to-North Water diversion Project, spans the two major basins of the Yellow River and the Yangtze River, crosses the Qinling Mountains, and is divided into two parts: water diversion and water distribution. After completion, the average annual water transfer scale will reach 1.5 billion cubic meters, and it is the longest drinking water tunnel designed in Asia, with a maximum buried depth of 2012 meters. When tunneling to a depth of 1800 meters, it is in the granite stage, and the highest compressive strength of the surrounding rock is more than 300 MPA, which is higher than that of the usual steel plate. 

The project integrates complex geological problems in tunnel engineering, such as rockburst, sudden water gushing, high temperature and humidity, high strength hard rock, large deformation of soft rock, etc., and its comprehensive difficulty is the first in the world.

Product Supply: TBM Cutter: 19 inch single disc cutter (face cutter & gauge cutter); cutter rings, TBM cutter components.

Top hammer drilling tools: Button bit includes R25 button bits, R28 button bits, R32 button bits; R32-R25 drifter rod, R32-R38 drifter rod, R32-R28 drifter rod; R32 Shank adapter; R32-160 couplings,R32-R38 coupling sleeve

Application Effect: When the Litian gauge cutters were boring 273.37 meters, the wear of the cutter ring did not reach the wear limit, so it could be deployed to be the face cutters for continued use, and there was no grease leakage or partial wear after the tunneling running time of 77.7 hours. The cutter rings passed through the hard rock, the collapse rock layer and the cutter rings did not have a rolling blade, which solved the situation that the cutters were changed too frequently in the project at that time. 

Litian drilling tools have been fully affirmed by users in rock drilling and blasting, and the average use effect can reach about 85% of the world's first-class brands.

Supply Time: From June 2014 to present

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