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Northwest Liaoning Water Supply project

TBM Project

Project: Northwest Liaoning Water Supply project

Cooperation unit: China Railway 18th Bureau

Project Introduction: The water supply project in northwestern Liaoning passes through Tieling City, Shenbei New District, Fuxin City, and Chaoyang City. After the implementation of the project, not only can the water demand for industry and living in northwestern Liaoning be guaranteed, but also because of the increase in the amount of water resources available, it is possible to optimize the allocation and rational use of water resources in northwestern Liaoning. At the same time, it will have an important impact on improving water quality, curbing river desertification, restoring river ecology, and realizing a virtuous cycle of the regional ecological environment.

The tunnel's natural conditions for entering the tunnel are harsh, and with long sections of class V and Class IV surrounding rocks. Adopting Litian TBM disc cutters 20inch, maintenance services and technical support, the frequency of TBM cutter changes are reduced, and the speed of cutter change and the efficiency of the tunnel boring machines are improved, which ensure the completion of the entire project.

Cooperation mode: Tunneling volume contracting, provide TBM disc cutters, soft ground cutters (scraper, edge scraper, cutting knife, rippers, buckets, etc.)

Application effect: Litian TBM disc cutter application experts timely adjust and optimize cutter parameters (including the changes of cutter ring material, the adjustment of heat treatment process, and the shape design adjustment for standard type, heavy type, and improved type cutter ring). And through the adjustment of disc cutter pre-tightening torque, layout, knife difference adjustment, etc., it improves the working conditions and service life of rock cutting, and significantly improves the cutting and driving efficiency. The TBM6-(1+2) section has a total excavation of 6162.4m+3271m, with average monthly footage of 628.8m, an average equipment utilization rate of 50.1%, maximum daily footage of 46.5m, and maximum monthly footage of 763m.

Tbm Cutter Disc Tunnel Boring Roller Cutter

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