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Guangzhou Beijiang Water Diversion Project No. 4 Tunnel

Rock Roller Cutters Application

Project: Guangzhou Beijiang Water Diversion Project No. 4 Tunnel

Cooperation Unit: China Railway 18th Bureau Group Tunnel Engineering Co., Ltd.


Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area interconnection infrastructure project-No. 4 tunnel of Guangzhou Beijiang Water Diversion Project is an important and difficult project and key node project of the whole project. The total length is 11.4 km, and the construction length accounts for 72.6% of the total length of the project, with the characteristics of "hard rock layer, large buried depth, long distance, high pressure" and so on. The joint project began to be excavated on September 7, 2020, and was constructed with the first new type of open tunnel boring machine (TBM) in China. The TBM is the tunneling equipment with the smallest tunneling section, the largest system integration, the highest customization and personality level in South China.

Application Effect: 

Since the start of excavation in September 2020, the TBM has achieved a daily maximum footage of 47.07 meters, a monthly maximum footage of 701.68 meters, an average monthly footage of 460m under the combined use of Litian TBM roller cutters. The service life and quality of Litian roller cutter are stable, and there is no abnormal damage such as partial wear and disc cutter ring breakage in the process of use. Litian roller cutter has excellent wear resistance and stable performance in passing through hard rock strata.

Product Supply: Provide new TBM cutters and repair broken cutters. 19 inch single disc cutters, 17 inch twin disc cutter, TBM spare parts, on-site cutter shop services.

Supply Time: from August 2020 to September 2022

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