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t38 76 china drill bit
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t38 76 china drill bit
t45 76mm rock bits

T38 76MM Ballistic Button Bit From Drilling Tools Manufacturer

Product Details:

Product Name:  T38 76mm Button Bit

Place of Origin:  China

Brand Name:     LITIAN

Certification:     ISO9001:2015

Model No.:       T38-7612ZCP

Category:          Button Bit

Product Description

T38 76mm button bit is mainly used for bench drilling and long hole rock drilling. As a top hammer drilling tools manufacturer and supplier, we can provide T38 76mm drill bits with flat face and drop center face, and inserted with 9, 10, 12, and 13 carbide tips. At the same time, we can design and customize various types of threaded button bits according to different drilling applications, which are suitable for soft rock, loose medium rock and hard rock drilling. At present, our best-selling T38-76mm button bit is with flat face type with 12 carbide tips.



T38-76mm Button bit


[mm]76MM     [in] 3"


Gauge: 8×12mm,  Front: 4×11mm

Flushing Hole Qty

Gauge: 1, Front: 2

Net Weight


Button Shape

Ballistic, Spherical, Composite buttons

Face Design

Flat face


Bench drilling, underground production drilling, long hole drilling

Model No.


Ballistic Button Bits

Ballistic button bits are often used in consolidated rock formations that are not particularly hard. Compared to spherical button bits, the carbide tips of ballistic button bits are more prominent, which is aggressive for rock penetration, and let the drilling speed faster. Therefore, the ballistic button bit is an ideal choice for drilling soft rock and medium-hard rock. T38 76MM button bit with ballistic carbide can be widely used in Bench drilling, underground production drilling, long hole drilling, and other fields. 

More R38 76MM Button Bits

AppearanceDiameterButtons Flushing HoleWeight
Model No.
[mm][in]GaugeFrontDrop CenterSideFront[Kg] 

763"6 × 123 × 12

763"8 × 124 × 11

763"6 × 133 × 111 × 10132.3T38-7610ZCA

763"8 × 114 × 111 × 11-42.7T38-7613ZCA

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