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t38 76 china drill bit
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t38 76 china drill bit
t45 76mm rock bits

T45 76MM China Flat Face Drill Bit For Rock Or Stone

Product Details:

Product Name:  T45 76mm Flat Face Drill Bit

Place of Origin:  China

Brand Name:     LITIAN

Certification:     ISO9001:2015

Model No.:       T45-7613ZCA

Category:          Button Bit

Product Description

Top hammer flat face drill bit is a universal button bit that can be used in all rock conditions. When the flat face drill bit is configured with big cemented carbides, it can effectively improve the wear resistance and impact resistance, and it is mostly used for rocks with hard or abrasive conditions, such as granite, basalt and hard limestone. Flat face drill bits are the best choice for drilling in abrasive rock formations.

The T45 76MM flat face drill bit is a very commonly used threaded button bit, which can be widely used in bench drilling, underground production and long hole drilling. As a rock drilling consumables manufacturing vendor, a flat face drill bit factory, we can also provide and customize various types of T45 drill bits with flat-face for you.

China Flat Face Drill BitFlat Face Drill Bit China



T45-76mm Button bit


[mm]76MM     [in] 3"


Gauge: 8×12mm,  Front: 4×11mm,1×11mm

Flushing Hole Qty

Gauge: -, Front: 4

Net Weight


Button Shape

Ballistic, Spherical, Composite buttons

Face Design

Flat face

Model No.


Quick Details:


Top Hammer Drilling Bit  


Tugestun Carbide, Structural Alloy Steel


Chinese Manufacturer

Fit Machine:   

Rock Drilling Rig


Carton, Plywood case


1 Piece

Lead Time: 

3-30 Days

More China Flat Face Drill Bits T45

Here are more china flat face drill bits for rock or stone on sale!

AppearanceDiameterButtons Flushing HoleWeight
Model No.

763"8 × 124 × 11222.6T45-7612ZCP
763"8 × 124 × 12122.4T45-7612ZCP
893 1/2"7 × 135 × 12133.5T45-8912ZCP
893 1/2"8 × 135 × 12223.7T45-8913ZCP
893 1/2"8 × 136 × 13-23.7T45-8914ZCP
1024"8 × 147 × 12225T45-10215ZCP
1024"9 × 126 × 12-25T45-10215ZCP
1154 1/2"9 × 147 × 13136.8T45-11516ZCP
1154 1/2"8 × 167 × 13226.8T45-11515ZCP
763"8 × 124 × 11222.2T45-7612YFP
893 1/2"8 × 135 × 12225.2T45-8913YFP
1024"9 × 126 × 12-36.5T45-10215YFP
1154 1/2"9 × 147 × 13-310T45-11516YFP
1154 1/2"9 × 146 × 13-310T45-11515YFP
763"8 × 134 × 11143.5T45-7613YLA
893 1/2"8 × 124 × 12144.7T45-8913YLA

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