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Rock Tools In Tunnelling & Underground

Rock Tools In Tunnelling & Underground

Tunneling & Underground Project

TBM cutters, Top hammer drilling tools and raise boring cutters for Tunnelling & Underground Engineering

The construction of every tunnel excavation and underground project requires the coordinated operation of various types of equipment. Rock drilling tools & tunneling tools used in underground tunnel construction are crucial instruments for penetrating and breaking through rock layers. Choosing the right rock tools not only withstands the harsh conditions and high pressure encountered during tunnel construction but also significantly enhances the speed and safety of underground tunnel construction. This, in turn, shortens project timelines and improves cost-effectiveness.

Litian Underground & Tunnel Drilling Rock Drill Tools

We can provide safe, high-efficiency, and high-precision rock tools consumables for rock drilling and breaking. Litian TBM cutters can be adapted to all kinds of tunnel boring machines to complete tunnel excavation work under various rock conditions. Litian top hammer drilling tools can be adapted to all kinds of underground rock drilling rigs to complete precise rock drilling operations. Litian raise boring cutters can be adapted to all kinds of raise borers to complete the construction of various pilot shafts and ventilation shafts.

In different tunneling and underground engineering, the physical properties of rocks (such as density, humidity, magnetism, swelling, dissolution) and mechanical properties of rocks (such as strength, hardness, abrasion, brittleness, toughness, robustness) are differ in thousands of ways. In the development of TBM cutters, Top hammer drilling tools, and raise boring cutters, we not only carry out development in raw materials, heat treatment, and manufacturing technology, but also produce rock drilling tools and excavation tools in accordance with the different characteristics of the rocks.

In order to meet the standards of safety, speed, accuracy during drilling and excavation, the parameters of our underground boring tools and drilling tools can be fully matched with the host machine to achieve the best working conditions and complete the work tasks more efficiently.  

Litian Rock Drill Tools In Underground Tunnel Construction Projects

After years of accumulation and development, Litian rock tools have been widely used in various tunnel construction projects and underground engineering, such as metro, railways, road tunnels, harbour tunnels, water diversion projects, sewage treatment projects, outfall projects, underground pipeline projects, etc. We have participated in many large-scale projects at home and abroad, such as Hanjiang to Weihe River Project, ABH Water Transmission Tunnel Project, Peru San Gaban hydropower station tunnel project, and so on.

Raise Boring Roller Bits Rock Tools For Underground Tbm Cutter Tools

Common threaded drilling tools for tunnel construction project:



Model No.

R32 Threaded Rock Driling Tools

Button bit

R32 Thread, 48mm, Spherical buttons, 6 Gauge buttons


Button bit

R32 Thread, 51mm, Spherical buttons, 6 Gauge buttons


Button bit

R32 Thread, 57mm, Spherical buttons, 6 Gauge buttons


Button bit

R32 Thread, 64mm, Spherical buttons, 8 Gauge buttons


MF Drill Rod

T38-R32 Thread, Length 4305mm, Hexagonal rod


MF Drill Rod

R3-R32 Thread, Length 4915mm, Hexagonal rod


T38 Drill Rod

T38-R32 Thread, Length 5525mm, Hexagonal rod


Rock Drill Rod

R38-R32 Thread, Length 6400mm, Hexagonal rod


Coupling Sleeve

R38-R38 Thread, Length 190mm, Semi-bridge type


Coupling Sleeve

T38-T38 Thread, Length 190mm, Full-bridge type


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